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Siding Panel, Metal Panel
With this material, you can create a high quality house having the natural beauty of wood and an exceptional insulating function.
TheSiding panel is a sandwich panel shaped like wooden plate by treating the external steel plate with the Embossing Roll. Depending on the types of the embossing treatments, the pattern, feeling and colours of the natural wooden grain can be varied so that you can create a western typed appearance containing the particular beauty and attractiveness of the Siding. Make your own style living space with the Dukyu Siding panel, which you can solve both insulating matter and appearing exterior finishing.

Features and merits
Western typed beautiful appearance
great insulating effect
water & moisture-proofing effect
convenient maintenance
hygienic environment, boltless type

→ New Concept, New Generation architectural material-The Dukyu Siding panel will satisfy the sensible desire of clients.
The Dukyu Siding Panel has several advantages such as no additional insulating material required, strong from external shocks, high strengthen solidity in any weather conditions, excellent constructability and economic effect, convenient maintenance and so on. Therefore, this material is widely used for houses for rural life, villas, and commercial buildings. Unlike a wooden siding, it does not need to be repainted and has no change of shape and colour, no nuisances such as leaking, creaking, regular waterproofing and coating. We are completely sure that our client will be fully satisfied with our new concept architectural material.

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